CrewSelect International

Optional Add-on Benefits

CrewSelect International is designed to protect individuals and groups from the high costs of medical expenses. In addition to each sub-plan option’s benefits, you may also select the following optional add-on benefits:

  • Global Personal Accident Plan
  • Global Daily IndemnitySM - Hospital Income Plan

These valuable additional covers are easy to apply for, require no additional medical information or examination, and if you are accepted for the CrewSelect International plan then your acceptance is guaranteed for these additional covers. Simply complete and return the optional additional covers portion of the application with the appropriate premiums as outlined in the application.

Separate policy documentation will be issued alongside your CrewSelect International plan for any additional cover you apply for.  For the full policy terms and conditions relating to these options, please refer to the relevant policy documents (available upon request).

Global Personal Accident Plan

The Global Personal Accident Plan also provides cover in the event of an accident which results in your permanent total disablement, total and permanent loss of speech, hearing or sight, total and permanent loss of use of one or more limbs, or second and third degree burns. Those approved for CrewSelect International and under age 70 are automatically eligible for Global Personal Accident Plan at the time of application.

Global Personal Accident Plan is an optional program purchased in units. The number of units applicants may purchase is based upon their age at time of application and each subsequent renewal. Applicants who are between the ages of 65 and 69 are eligible for one unit of cover. Applicants from age 19 through age 64 are eligible for two units of cover.

The Global Personal Accident Plan is an optional cover that is purchased in 'blocks of cover' also known as ‘units.’ The maximum number of units you may purchase depends upon your age at the time of application and each subsequent renewal. Applicants aged 31 days through 18 years, and 65 years through 69 years are eligible for one unit of cover. Applicants aged 19 years through 64 years are eligible for up to two units of cover. The second 'supplemental' unit is at a discounted rate to the first 'standard' unit of cover. Child Personal Accident cover is also available at a discounted rate.


If an insured person suffers more than one loss for any one accident, we will pay only one benefit amount which is determined to be the highest benefit payable not to exceed the Permanent Total Disablement Benefit limit purchased. Injury or death must result in loss within 12 months after the date of the accident. The Global Personal Accident Plan does not include cover for accidents arising from manual or hazardous occupations, dangerous sports, pursuits or activities, driving or riding on motorcycles, motorbikes or mopeds. If you are unsure, or your occupation is not purely office-based, or you take part in any dangerous sports, pursuits or activities, please give full details on a separate sheet when submitting your Application Form. We will then advise if cover can be granted. War and terrorist risks can not be covered in certain hazardous countries.

Note: This is a summary of cover. It is not considered to be the Policy Wording. Full details of cover, terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions that may affect benefits payable are provided in the Policy Wording (available upon request).

  • Persons Aged 19 Years through to 64 Years can choose to purchase either one or two units of cover.
  • Persons Aged 65 years through to 69 Years can purchase a maximum of one unit of cover.

Global Daily Indemnity - Hospital Income Plan

As we all know, unfortunately your financial obligations and bills will continue even if you are hospitalised. The Global Daily Indemnity Hospital Income Plan is an excellent way to offset these expenses while you are in the hospital and unable to work. Global Daily Indemnity - Hospital Income Plan will pay you a fixed sum direct, for each night you are required to stay overnight as an in-patient in a hospital. The hospital stay must be covered under your CrewlSelect International plan in order to be eligible for this indemnity, and hospital stays related to pregnancy are not eligible.

Available only between ages 19-69 £GBP 60 $USD 100 €Euro 70

*This webpage contains only a summary of available benefits and coverages, and is subject to the specific terms and conditions of the plan concerning eligible benefits, limitations, eligibility and exclusions. Please refer to the Policy Wording for a complete description, which is available upon request. The currency in which you pay your premium, being either £ Sterling, $ USD or € Euro, is the currency that applies to your plan for the purposes of benefits and limits.

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